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MD Nicholas Taghavi built ENTERVISION for himself in 2012 whilst at university. Creating a multi media platform that would allow him to explore other areas of video production away from his fiction degree.

ENTERVISION is now a company which operates in multiple video production pathways. Music Videos, Documentaries and Branded Content. ENTERVISION has become an affordable access into a powerful and creative visual outlet.

In recent years Nicholas went onto complete a Live Touring Production course in 2016 when he expanded his services at ENTERVISION. Now offering Event Production which he has demonstrated with his live music event series Cross x Genre and being an event curator for a YGN panel.

Our Work Process

Pre Production

After meeting our clients we carry out a research strategy into areas of their proposal and then create a video treatment plan expanding the original concept. Where we then highlight such areas:

  • Audience
  • Content
  • Production Aspects
  • Costs


A self shooter or an equipped crew depending on production aspects and cost factors. When multiple crew members are chosen, it’ll be from our creative freelance directory. Our practical workflow is covered with public liability insurance with Film & TV union BECTU. Production is guided by our video treatment plan throughout the shoot to assure our goals are met by Post Production.

Post Production

Keeping the client in close contact throughout the assembly edit so if any additional departments are needed we can begin in those area’s…

  • Post Sound (Access to professional recording studios with engineers and composers)
  • Colour grading (Freelance colorist’s working with Davinchi Resolve software)
  • Visual Effects (Freelance VFX artists working with Adobe After Effects & FLAME)

Our Clients